Thursday, January 11, 2007


We (meaning me, Shannon is already done) are in the process of going through some online educational materials recommended (required) by our adoption agency. No shocking surprises, but they do bring up some good points and remind us of a couple things. Generally, they have been worth the time and we will probably be referring back to them I would imagine.

If anyone is interested, the courses are freely available at The courses we are taking are:
- Conspicuous Families
- Let's Talk Adoption
- The Journey of Attachment
- Finding the Missing Pieces

So far, "The Journey of Attachment" has been the most insightful to me, as we have a lot of personalities around us to deal with as we go through that particular phase. I haven't gotten into "Finding the Missing Pieces" yet tho.

After I complete the educational materials, that should be it for our part of the home study and dossier. After that, we wait for several government agencies (most notably FDLE - Fl. Dept. of Law Enforcement and DCF - Division of Children and Families) to catch up with us. All I know on those two is that the FDLE check cleared this week, so they must at least have the file open. :) DHS (USCIS) is also working on us too, so hopefully they will be waiting on us by the time we need them to finish instead of vice versa.

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