Tuesday, January 2, 2007

To-Do List

  • FBI Fingerprints, provided the "Application Support Center" of the FBI/Department of Homeland Security is open.
  • Drop off FDLE (FL Dept of Law Enforcement) background check in mailbox at Tradeport
  • Drop off DCF (Dept. of Children and Families) child abuse check in mailbox at Tradeport
  • Go to Orange County Sheriff's Dept. to get arrest record (non-existant)
  • Deliver last reference letter to Valerie. Make sure she understands the need for it to go in the mail before she leaves town on Thursday
  • Deliver Guardianship
  • Pick up Guardianship
  • Call doctor's office to schedule physicals, so we can get our "Physican's Letters" signed and notarized stating that we "Enjoy good health and are free from communicable diseases". Appointment 1/9/07
  • Make sure Dan talks to Sean to get his employment letter signed and notarized and faxed to us ASAP. Already in the mail to us. Should arrive Thursday
  • Pick up new marriage certificate-make sure it is certified - Going tomorrow morning to get this. 2 copies!

That's all we have left for our home study to be completed. Of course, the first two things listed will take 3-4 weeks to get back to us, so we're looking at (hopefully) February 1, 2007 for our home study to be completed, and then another 3 weeks to get our I-171H in the mail.

Apparently, as soon as we get our local background checks, our physician's letters, employment letter for Dan, and our marriage license, we will be all set with our dossier (except for the homestudy). It looks like we will have a dossier ready to send for notarization/certification/authentication by February 1!!!! Amazing!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, for sure! Of course, some of the things we need to do tomorrow morning will hinge on whether places are open, or closed to mourn President Ford.

We're on our way!

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