Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Long time no update

First of all....our DCF clearance came back last week, 1/30/07!!!!! This is important because everything that follows in this entry could not have happened without it.

This is what we've been doing since last Tuesday.

Last week was a busy one for us.

On Monday, 1/29, our DCF clearance was mailed to our agency, and they received it Tuesday morning.

By Tuesday evening, 1/30, our social worker had our home study draft completed and in my inbox. I printed it out, made some notes, and then Dan checked over it. After we made some ammendments to it, we went to bed.

Wednesday morning, 2/1, I talked with the social worker and she made the corrections to the document. She sent us an updated copy, and we approved it.

Thursday, 2/2, at noon I dropped off our "Home Study Facts" paper, signifying that we approved of the home study. She then sent it to the agency to be proofed and signed/notarized.

Monday, 2/5, it was finalized, and should be on it's way via FedEx to the Orlando immigration office. Also Monday I faxed all of our dossier paperwork to our coordinator. She has approved all of our documents that we've collected so far, and I am waiting to hear back from her to find out what final paperwork I need for our dossier's, so I can send them for certification (at the state level) and authentication (at the federal/Vietnam level).

Today, 2/6, I will drive to the local CIS office and drop off our tax returns for the last three years. (Apparently this is a new requirement for adoption in our state anyway) Once the immigration officer has those and our home study she can begin processing us for our I-171H (which will be our permission to adopt internationally). She's running about a month behind on paperwork, although I am not complaining...some states are running 4-5 months behind on their I-171H's!!!

This week I will be going back to the sheriff's department to get a second copy of our police check clearance, and we will be filling out our Vietnam application for adoption and getting it notarized. (We have to fill that application out for the VN government as part of our dossier).

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