Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dan and I had the carpets cleaned in every room in the house with carpet (minus his office and our bedroom). We had that done today. :-)

Yesterday/this morning we finished painting the nursery. I'm so sad (burst into tears sad) because we tried to stamp dragonflies on the walls and it didn't work. *cries some more* This afternoon we went and bought two cribs and two mattresses. We spent $915.81, including the "Twins discount" at Cribs 4 Life. The cribs are nice...very basic, but will convert all the way to full size beds. I didn't really care if they did that or not, but it's a nice enough feature I suppose. We also bought two awesome dragonfly wall art hangy things. We'll put one over each crib. I'm excited about that. Dan is currently building the second crib (he did the first one earlier), and then we will start moving furniture around in the room and get it all set up. Sadly, I do not have my linens yet (valence and dust ruffle). Heck, I don't have sheets either! But furniture is a great place to start!

This evening I went to a baby shower for my friend Julie who just adopted a little baby girl. It was nice to spend some time with her and several other girlfriends I dont' see often. I got to share pictures of the boys with friends, and let everyone know that we leave in less than a week. I got lots of offers of help, and I SO want the help, but I don't even know what I need help with, so I just said "Thank you", and that I would call.

Last night I sent an e-mail out to pretty much my entire contact list letting them know about the adoption, and our traveling. Some people didn't even know we had started a process, so it's been fun to get e-mails from people wishing us luck and offering prayers.

My friend Jennfound me an awesome "Twins" shopping cart cover cover and mailed it to me. It will work perfectly for our Costco trips! Thanks so much!

Okay, so this wasn't short and sweet. Oh well.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I have the most amazing friends? Because I totally do, and I totally take all of them/you for granted. If I don't say thank you enough, know that I'm thanking you in my head about a million times a day.

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