Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting Ready on Gotcha Day!

Up bright and early to be on time at 7:00a to meet Anna to go to the orphanage. I didn't sleep much last night, not sure if it was something I ate or nerves or what, but once it passed (about 4:30a) I just couldn't get comfortable. Shannon slept a little more, but I'm sure it was difficult as restless as I was. Now scrambling to charge camera batteries to make sure we get through the day as well. Mine should be fine, just being safe. Shannon's was pretty dead tho (not good planning). Hopefully an hour will do, because that's all we have.

Which brings up power here. It's kind of interesting, because we are almost positive that it is International 220v/50hz power (although there is really no way to confirm), but the outlets are "universal Edison" style plugs (two blades plus a ground pin like in the US, but with a little pin-like cutout to the outside of each blade I believe for UK style plugs as well). We spent a lot of effort selecting one power converter that was suitable for digital equipment and would work with the plane and another to switch outlet types, just to get on the plane and find out it has 110 American power, and that most of our digital equipment will just plug right in. Ah well, better to be prepared I guess. :) Interestingly enough, Shannon's CPAP will not just plug into the socket tho. It does require our little converter, even though it's "converting" Edison to Edison. I can't see any physical reason for this, but it's not just a stiff outlet or anything (I've tried several). Anyway, the fact that any DC device pretty much accepts any power worldwide and we have universal Edison sockets here is a lifesaver this morning, as it means we can charge both batteries and I can type this morning.

Shannon just got out of the shower and commented on how difficult it is to wash one's hair and keep water out of one's mouth. Apparently, this is the first time she has washed her hair since being here. I have to agree, although it's a different set of challenges for me. (I have short hair with having just gotten a haircut, but have to practically sit on my haunches to get under the shower head, creating a balance problem. She has long hair that needs conditioning.) I have to remember to look for some rinseless facial cleaner or my face is going to look like I have the measles by the time we get back.

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