Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting Organized

Our correct room was ready this afternoon. The desk kept trying to talk us into staying in our original room every time we asked about it, and this afternoon we finally found out that we were in an upgraded room, not waiting for an upgraded room as we thought. They gave us the option to stay, but change to the proper rate, so we looked at the other room, and decided to go with the less expensive room. After being there about 5 minutes, Shannon noticed an odor that was bothering here. (I have a lousy sense of smell normally, but my sinuses are still pretty fried from the plane air.) After trying to adjust to it for about 5 hours, Shannon went down and persuaded them to let us go back to our old room and pay the difference.

We met with Thao to go over tomorrow and give her the necessary currency for exchange and filing and all. We met the other "couple" that will be proceeding with us. The "couple" is actually a single mother with her boy (adopted from Guatemala). They were pretty out of it, as they had just arrived this morning about 10:00a and had not slept yet apparently.

Between meeting Thao, all the room switching and repacking to make the necessities available for tomorrow's orphanage trip, it killed the entire afternoon and eventing. Hopefully we can get by on the water we have tomorrow, as we did not get out to buy more and I doubt that we will have an opportunity to get more on the way.

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