Friday, June 8, 2007


We are calling Bonnie soon, and she asked us to go through our travel guideline packet and come up with questions. The following ones are what we've come up with so far...

1. Weight restrictions on luggage
2. Will we be allowed to wear wedding rings, or should we leave those at home?
3. Can we wear shorts?
4. What type of dress is appropriate for our meetings?

5. Do we contact Katrina for a "Final Statmenet of Fees paid" to take with us?

6. Do we need to carry "Clean Bills"?
7. What denominations should we carry?
8. Will we need to exchange any money?
9. Gift suggestions for caregivers/orphanage director?
-For care givers, is soap/lotion acceptable as part of a gift?
-Handmade bracelets?
10. What kinds of gifts for the Provincial officials? How many are there?
11. For our facilitator, driver, etc., what gifts are appropriate?

12. Will we stay in Vung-Tau overnight?
13. Do we have a date for our Giving & Receiving ceremony?

14. Do we need to e-mail and request an appointment to submitour DS-230? When do we e-mail?

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