Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Morning

Day two of treading water. Tomorrow we go to the orphanage, so today is just a dead day. Since we slept all day yesterday, we were wide awake about 4:30a. Finally gave up on sleeping anymore and went to breakfast right away when it opened at 6. Killed time reading and doing Sudoku, and then went shopping when the shopping area opened at 9. Went back to the same mall where we found the supermarket yesterday. Shops in the mall don't have walls the way they do in the USA. As a result, it feels like a huge, disorganized department store as you move from area to area. Any hesitation near a shop brings a shop attendant in most places. They are very attentive and very happy to show you whatever they can. Again, lots of imported brands, and some western brands that are made locally, and a good share of locally made craft type stuff (wood inlay, embroidery, etc.). We found some souvenirs, and a few gifts for the boys as they grow up. will probably go back for some other things later when we have a better handle on the trip in general (such as cash status, the boys' sizes, and luggage space).

It's hot today. It seems like about 93 already at 11:00a. The commerce areas are air conditioned, but not like home where it's so cold you instantly cool off (and are shivering after 5 minutes). It takes a while in a shop to cool off (and some you never quite get there), although it is a far cry cooler than on the street. I'm guessing that they probably turn the A/C off at night in the mall, as they are much more concerned about saving resources than we are. I would not equate this necessarily with conservationism however due to the air and water quality.

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